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Productivity And Management Hacks For Getting Everything Done On Time

Posted by Jessica O'Neill on August 16, 2016

In a recent survey of our customers, many reported that trying to juggle their everyday tasks a bit of a challenge. For some, organising a workload is just unintuitive. For others, there’s not enough time no matter how well they plan out everything in advance. 

For freelancers, productivity and...

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These 3 Things Will Convince Your Customers to Order Indoor Signage

Posted by Jessica O'Neill on August 09, 2016

Most of your customers undoubtedly come to you for external signage. It is the most important method of bringing in passing trade and indicating where the store is for those who come looking. But very few companies can rely on external signage alone. Indoor signage is a huge component in the sales...

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Company Team Building Day!

Posted by Jessica O'Neill on August 02, 2016

 A team that works well works well together is more effective, more productive, and more successful.

We spent a morning at The Success Factory in Tattenhall; the aim of the morning was ‘Team Building’. This was our first ever Team Building outing as a business and we took part in some really fun...

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10 Tips to Get Your Customers to Pay on Time

Posted by Jessica O'Neill on July 29, 2016

There is nothing more frustrating than a customer who takes ages to pay you. Sure, you understand that they may be waiting for payday. But you've done the job. You spent money on equipment and labour and now you're out of pocket because of them. 

As a small business owner or freelancer, you often...

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When Do You Need Planning Permission to Put Up a Sign?

Posted by Jessica O'Neill on July 13, 2016


No one likes dealing with bureaucracy. Processes are often overly complicated and slow. So, while planning permission is necessary when dealing with public property, when it comes to signage, chances are you mostly don’t bother with it. Generally, you're not going to get into trouble for putting...

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Design Tips For Signmakers

Posted by Jessica O'Neill on July 06, 2016


Some customers will come to you with a finished product. They have an image and text and they just want you to build and erect the sign. Others trust the signmaker with the design. They’ll give you a list of details that need to go into it, but it’s up to you to figure out how best to portray...

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We went pink and raised money for  the MS Society

Posted by Jessica O'Neill on June 29, 2016

On June 23rd, National Pink Day in the UK, our team decided to embrace the idea and raise money for the MS Society UK, a very worthwhile cause.

The MS Society UK supports men and women across the UK suffering from MS. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a neurological condition which affects around 100,000...

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How to Move on From Freelancing Without Disappointing Your Clients

Posted by Jessica O'Neill on June 21, 2016

You're your own boss. Living the dream. You work your own hours, set your own rates, and only choose the projects you really want. 

At least that’s the plan. When you quit your 9 to 5 day job, you had high hopes. But you soon found out that being your own boss comes with its own challenges. You...

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What to do When Clients Can’t Put Into Words What They Want?

Posted by Jessica O'Neill on June 17, 2016

We’ve all been in the situation before. A client comes in looking for a sign that portrays oomph. Or integrity. Or confidence. Or any number of abstract concepts. Problem is, there’s a million ways in which these concepts can be interpreted.

 Let’s say a client owns a fruit and veg shop. They want...

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How to Design Signage Guaranteed to Bring Your Clients New Business

Posted by Jessica O'Neill on June 07, 2016


Signage serves multiple purposes. It directs customers to a shop or business and shows them what is available. However, signage can and should also attract new customers. Signs that don’t create curiosity are a missed opportunity.  

Of course, the final decision is up to the client, and they can...

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